Rob Edwards OAM

What’s the flight attendant say?

Rob Edwards

 “When the oxygen falls from the roof we must put it on ourselves before we help others.” Many of us forget the easy day-to-day things to look after ourselves first. The session is fun, motivating and you will leave with a swag of immediate actions to perform and feel your best. 

Rob is one of Australia’s leading speakers and regularly delivers his keynote “It’s All About You” across Australasia – find out more here:

He has been a business leader for 25 years in the well-being industry where the corporate health appraisal program he established has had over 25,000 business staff participate.  Prior to that he worked for five years in a cardiac rehabilitation program where he developed programs to motivate people who had heart attacks, bypasses, diabetes and the like to get back on their feet and get the most out of their lives. There he wrote the internationally distributed book “Better Blood Pressure”. 

He also happens to be a Rotarian and is the founder of and and

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