Mark Huddleston

Mark Huddleston

Mark joined the Rotary Club of Edwardstown in 1997 at the age of 29 after 10 years in Rotaract. Now aged 51, Mark has been involved with Rotary for well over half of his life.

He was Edwardstown Club President in 2006/07, and has served in senior district leadership roles for 8 years including 3 years as District 9520 Membership Chair. He is also the administrator of the District 9520 Facebook page, a regular blogger on Rotary membership issues and has authored a number of articles for Rotary Down Under Magazine.

In November 2016 Mark transferred into the newly chartered Rotary Club of Seaford, a club he was instrumental in forming. He is a much sought after commentator on Rotary’s membership challenges and has spoken on over 200 occasions about membership to clubs, and numerous PETS and other conferences and seminars around Australia and New Zealand.

In March 2018 Mark published his first book, Creatures of Habit about the underlying causes of membership decline and how we can turn things around.

Mark’s formal training is in the electronics field, but he is currently the manager of Sugar Free Zone, a mail order confectionery business which he has operated for 14 years.

Mark is married to Debra, who he met in Rotaract, and has two children, Aaron aged 16 and Elise aged 13.

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