Kaye Green

Kaye Green

In 1972 Kaye Green was selected to go to Osaka, Japan as the first Rotary Exchange student to go to Japan from Tasmania.  She left with a suitcase, no Japanese language ability and very little information about where she was going! In Osaka she met the Doi family who were to be her host family for the next year.

Speaking no Japanese posed few, if any, problems and Kaye soon settled into her new life as a Japanese schoolgirl. She  had enjoyed a good life in Tasmania and enthusiastically embraced whatever was on offer at school, but almost from the moment she arrived in Japan she suddenly felt complete—a feeling she had never experienced before. She felt as if she was in an aesthetic paradise and everything seemed to touch her inner being.

After her wonderful year in Osaka Kaye returned to Tasmania (feeling fully Japanese) with her eyes, mind and heart open.

Kaye’s art has grown from ‘feeling Japanese’ and from the heightened visual and spiritual appreciation of the Japanese aesthetic.

In 2015 Kaye began to create a Japanese inspired stamp collecting activity for Tasmania called Tiger Track stamps which offers locals and visitors alike the opportunity to collect unique stamp impressions at over two hundred locations around Tasmania.

Kaye Green’s year in Japan transformed her life and she is looking forward to sharing her Exchange Student story with attendees at the Rotary conference, Reasons.

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