Karen West

Karen West

Karen West has a background in public speaking, marketing, and public relations. She chooses to write about life issues that are challenging and often confronting.

Karen’s work has been published by ABC Books and Hybrid Publishers. She has appeared on several national television talk shows in Australia and has given multiple radio interviews.

In 2015, Karen’s first young-adult fiction novel, Living Voice, was selected for the Varuna Publisher Introduction Program. Also, in 2015, her young-adult fiction novel Breaking Silently won the Varuna Fellowship.

In 2018, Hybrid Publishers published Karen’s novel Living Voice. In the same year, Karen founded the not-for-profit registered charity, Living Voice – Teen Organ Donor Awareness Inc., and developed the first teen organ donor website in Australia – www.livingvoice.com.au.

Karen is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, an alum of Varuna the National Writers’ House, and a member of the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

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